The beginning of August saw 4 of our greenkeeping staff volunteering to work at Whistling Straits for the USPGA championship. They all had a great time and put in plenty of unsociable hours, sometimes starting at 3am to rake bunkers etc, Jon even ended up visiting the hospital due to some pretty serious mosquito bites. Once I get some pictures from the guys I will post them on the blog.

The main focus of the month was overseeding greens


Due to the problems on the greens with the take all patch the main focus was ensuring the affected areas were spiked/seeded to regain grass coverage on these areas before the winter otherwise moss will colonise the bare patches, this will be ongoing through September. The greens were treated with a fungicide application as well as a granular fertiliser and a wetting agent being applied. The take all is no now under control with the symptoms getting less and good germination of the fescue seed.

The 7th and 8th greens were the greens with most damage so these greens were fully spiked/seeded and top dressed


The approaches are currently being mown 3 to 4 times a week at 9.5mm and are looking good and are due to be fertilised early september, We have started to verticut approaches again which will be completed in early september. This is the second time this season they have been verticut and we are seeing an improvement by doing this. The long-term aim is to have the approaches smooth and well maintained so that the golfers have the option to putt from them. This is going to take some overseeding work as well but verticutting , top dressing and more regular mowing is helping improve the surfaces.

The tees are being mown at 10mm and were sprayed with growth regulator. The tees are still being mown at 10mm and were sprayed with a liquid fertiliser and growth regulator.


The fairways have become quite firm due to a dry month and recent winds which has ensured a fair amount of run for a well struck drive, but I am sure this will change when we get some rain in September. The fairways have also been sprayed with liquid fertiliser and will be spot sprayed in September for and weeds (clover and daisies mainly).


Once again our main focus this month will be getting full grass coverage back on the greens. The downside of commiting to to the hand spiking/seeding is that we are struggling to continue with our aeration programme, although we did manage to get all the greens needle tined (5mm) this month.

The fairways, rough and wear areas are to be fertilised.