With The Open coming to St Andrews we are getting everything ready for what will be a busy week for us with lots of golfers. The tee times this week are also a bit earlier which means we are starting at 5am to allow us enough time to get out ahead of golf. As it will be busy with early tee times we need to ensure as much work as possible is done before the first group of golfers which will mean all mowers and buggies set up the day before, so that we just come in and go without having to load machines onto trailers etc.

This week the greens have been top dressed, tees and fairways sprayed with iron/growth regulator and the fairways were divoted.

We normally cut greens by hand tuesday-thursday but we will be changing this week to cut them by hand monday-friday to give a better finish. The greens machines and the fairway machines have been re ground to ensure a good quality cut. The approach machines will be reground during the week as well. We normally change holes every 2 days but this week due to the increased numbers of golfers we will be changing them every day.