The dry weather continues, so the focus this week has been on hand watering greens and putting hoses/sprinklers out on the dry fairways. As we are built on clay when the ground dries out it goes brick hard and cracks open, this is one of the problems that we face as we do not have fairway irrigation but this is the first time in 4 years that we have needed it. It is not a huge concern at the moment but would be if the dry weather continues into July/August.

The greens were top dressed last week and are smooth and running at a good pace 9.6 on the stimpmeter.

Also this week we installed yardage markers on the cart paths. We used flashing for sealing roofs to stick the markers to the paths, using a lance burner heat the flashing until it began to bubble then sticking the marker on top. Time will tell if this holds during a frost in the winter.