The problems on the greens with the take all patch appear to be behind us with some really good germination of the seed in the affected patches. The 7th and 8th greens were the greens with most damage so these greens were fully spiked/seeded and top dressed, this has worked really well and it is now hard to see what all the concern was about!!.

The greens were needle tined (5mm) and top dressed, an operation that will be repeated in mid october.

The height of cut on the green is still 4mm and will be raised up to 5mm in mid October.

The approaches are currently being mown 3 times a week at 9.5mm and are looking good and were fertilised with a 23-2-10. We have changed the mowing on the approaches to be more consistent, we now mow one lap with the triple mower around each green. Previously all the greens were different with some of them having one lap and others maybe 2 or some all the way back down behind the greens. We hope that now the golfer will have a better idea of what shot awaits him/her if they miss the green as all the approaches are now more similar in their presentation. This was just one of the ideas that the guys had after returning from Whistling Straits.

The tees are being mown at 10mm and are due to be fertilised again in October with a high iron 7-0-14.

The fairways received a granular 9-7-7 to see them through the remainder of the season, We tried a new method of application by using an agricultural spreader which got all 18 holes fertilised in under 4 hours with its 24 meter width of spread. Depending on if we get any missed bits or bad overlaps we may try this again next year.

The height of cut on the fairways has been raised up to 14mm

October as always will be a busy month with lots to do before the growth slows down. The greens will be needle tined, top dressed and fertilised again, the aim is to get them as healthy as possible leading into the winter. Last year we probably had them a little to lean going into what turned out to be a very harsh winter, so this year we will take no chances.

With The Dunhill Links in town as well as a Scottish PGA “Sprint to St Andrews” tournament, it should be an exciting month before we lose our seasonal staff at the end of the month.