Hello everyone, it’s great to see you all again. My post this week has been inspired by the fundamental element of the Kohler Waters Spa…water!

 Hydrotherapy, thalassotherapy – the use of salt water as a form of therapy – and bathing treatments are known to be one of the oldest healing traditions, dating back centuries they are now recognised as one of the hottest global spa trends for 2011.

Cleopatra, famous for her flawless skin was known for bathing daily in milk and honey to maintain her beauty, and of course she is widely recognised as having been one of the most beautiful women in the world. Increasingly, people are turning to hydrotherapy and thalassotherapy for its anti-aging benefits, deep cleansing of the skin and the treatment of cellulite.  

Bathing rituals are set to become the number one rediscovered therapeutic treatment for 2011. Today, bathing and cleansing rituals are not only seen as an act of indulgence or beauty but a science!  We know that modern day life takes its toll on our skin and body; caffeine and alcohol intake, traffic pollution and air-conditioning strip our body of its natural elements. Water makes up to 70% of the average human body; therefore it stands to reason that allowing yourself to absorb the elements in water will replenish and revitalise the body.

Thalassotherapy is said to improve skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis as well as boosting immune system function, toning muscle and reducing cellulite. Hydrotherapy services are known for the treatment of anxiety, stress and stress related ailments such as high blood pressure, headache and depression – the list is endless! Not only are the elements of water valuable but the movement of water is also proven to have clinical advantages. Health industry professionals such as physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths use hydrotherapy to complement the treatment of pain relief, poor circulation as well as muscle and joint problems.

Here at the Kohler Waters Spa our Riverbath with Massage treatment combines our love for water and massage. Following an invigorating hyrdo-massage your body is allowed to indulge while you soak in our exclusive Riverbath, this wonderful treatment is the ultimate for deep relaxation and overall wellness. Our Treatment Menu offers a range of new and innovative hydrotherapy and bathing treatments; please do get in touch, we would be delighted to help you choose the best treatment to suit you.

So ladies, now you have the perfect excuse for relaxing in the bath that little bit longer this evening! Bathing just became beautiful!