Hi folks, taking part in the Gluten Free Challenge really got me thinking about all the difficulties people with coeliac disease face. To show my support I have put together my top ten tips for sticking to a gluten free diet.

Honeybuns!  Made on the Honeybuns farm in Dorset these gorgeous cakes are a lifesaver; the gluten free delights are served in our divine gluten free afternoon teas.

- Our team of chefs currently taking part in the Gluten Free Challenge certainly miss their pizza, we’ve found that La Favorita in Edinburgh serve wonderful fresh gluten free pasta and stone baked pizzas.

- As an alternative to adding Xantham Gum to your baking why not experiment with your recipes, add juicy fruits such as strawberries and nectarines; they’ll help keep the mixture moist as well as adding delicious flavours.

- Coeliac UK have a great online directory of around 9000 gluten free products, you can sign up for the directory at http://www.coeliac.org.uk/

- Look out for local Coeliac community groups, it’s a great way to meet up with people to share problems, recipes and tips. You can find your local group on the Coeliac UK website

- Don’t be afraid to ask! If you’re unsure about any of the dishes on a menu then you must not be afraid to ask your waiter. Here at the Road Hole Restaurant our waiters and chefs will always be on hand to answer any of your questions.

- To combat cross contamination avoid cooking with wooden utensils and if possible purchase a second toaster to cater for gluten free members of the family.

- Invest in a bread maker, making your own bread from scratch is not only a fun new challenge but it also allows you the confidence to eat your food knowing exactly what is in it.

- Visit your local farm shops and farmers markets, many stock naturally gluten free products such as rye breads and quinoa. Here at the Hotel we have a great farm shop right on our doorstep at Balgove Larder

- To help your child stick to a gluten free diet turn symbol spotting on food products into a fun detective game, why not give them a magnifying glass on your next trip to the supermarket?! A fun game will help educate your child to spot gluten free products and hopefully draw their attention to the things they can and cannot eat.