Hi everyone, we’re back for our final Gluten Free Challenge update.  The team finished the challenge on Sunday evening and after speaking to the guys it sounds as though they treated themselves to pizza, beer and their regular bread yesterday. I think we are all in agreement that the challenge proved to be a tough week, personally I would be happy to carry on leaving out certain items such as bread; I have really enjoyed a much healthier and lighter diet.

We all learned the lesson that finding something to eat from the menu in our favourite restaurant has proved to be difficult, as a team the Gluten Free Challenge has inspired us to try new dishes and it certainly will be something that we will consider when planning our new menus.

I do hope you have enjoyed reading our diary updates; I have really appreciated all your comments and messages of support.  I’ll be back tomorrow with my regular blog updates, I have a (seasonal) fruity story to tell! In the mean time, I’ll hand you over to team.


By Sunday my overall diet had really improved, when I would usually snack on sandwiches or biscuits I found myself reaching for the fruit. It really was a challenge but it was absolutely worth it! I had a chance to see how difficult life can be living with a Gluten Free diet; it really made me think about future menus in the Road Hole Restaurant.  We’ve experimented with some different recipes through out the week so I certainly have lots of ideas for Gluten Free alternatives.


Towards the end of the week I started to feel as though I had much more energy, I really did miss my morning pastries though. Despite the benefits I don’t think I could have carried on with this diet, the challenge was really difficult and I had really looked forward to having my normal foods. On a positive note, the challenge has inspired me to keep experimenting with new recipes for gluten free cakes and deserts.


As a chef I finish work late most nights, when I get home from work I usually have a snack of toast or pizza before bed. One thing I did noticed last week was that cutting out the pizza and bread before bed made me feel much less bloated and helped me to fall asleep much more quickly.  Ross and I live together so we really helped each other stick to the plan through out the whole week. On Friday we made a delicious Gluten Free macaroni with blue cheese and walnuts. After our photo shoot last week, we received a Gluten Free Alternative Chart from CoeliacUK that was really helpful.  Overall I have to say it was a tough week and I do have to admit I had been tempted to stray but we stuck together as a team and I resisted, I’m really glad I took on the Gluten Free Challenge.


 The challenge certainly was difficult and I have to say I am glad it’s over! Yesterday, our first day free from the challenge, I had pizza for lunch.  I found the internet to be a really good source of information through out the challenge, the CoeliacUK website had a good list of alternative food items but it was also really interesting reading blogs and smaller sites.


As promised I have been working on a gluten free pizza base, thanks for the suggestion of scone style pizza base; even though the Gluten Free Challenge is over I am still going to keep trying. My girlfriend and I made strawberry cupcakes, they were actually really tasty! As many of the product ranges don’t meet up to our expectations the best alternative is to give it a go yourself; I can see that as a chef I have had the advantage of being able to source ingredients and cook alternative dishes.