Hi folks and welcome back!

The strawberry season is now upon us, we were excited to welcome in the first batch of Scottish berries last week. Our Strawberries come from Allanhill Farm just on the outskirts of St Andrews; you really can’t get much more local than that! Allanhill Farm is a small, family run business established in 1952; the family grows over 45 hectares of strawberries every year from May until mid October.

We use two varieties of strawberry; Elsanta and Sonata both are popular varieties in Scotland due to their natural resilience to frost. Elsanta has a lovely strong strawberry aroma with a firmer skin, perfect to eating fresh; while Sonata has a beautiful conical shape with a delicious sweet and juicy taste. This month Ross Marshall, Head Chef in the Road Hole Restaurant has added a delicious new desert to the menu, perfect for showcasing Scottish Strawberries; Strawberry Parfait with Meringue Crisps, Champagne Foam and Basil Sorbet. Absolutely divine! The basil sorbet may seem like an unusual choice but the strong herb flavours really compliment the strawberries.

An easy dish packed full of delicious flavours that you may like to try at home is to serve fresh Scottish strawberries with black pepper, balsamic glaze and clotted cream. If you do have a go at making your own strawberry dish, or even if you have any other strawberry suggestions I would love to hear from you.

Until next time, take care