Hi everyone thanks for stopping in on The Duke’s Green Keeping blog.

We were lucky to escape the strong winds last week with minimal damage. Around a dozen trees were affected – most were away from play areas; however one did cause a concern when it fell across the driveway blocking access to the course. Overall it took us about two days to clear up which meant we had to make adjustments to our schedule for the rest of the week. Hopefully the weather will settle a little and we can look forward to a brighter Summer!

On a happier note, we had a visit from our friends at Elmwood College. The International PDA students came for a group tour before they return individually over the next few weeks to shadow our team, the trip should give them a good insight into how a course in Scotland is run and it’s great to seen such keen potential future Green Keepers too.

One of our biggest jobs last week was the removal of self seeded sapling trees. We remove them at the early stages before they mature and cause an impediment on the course for both play and the view. I’ve posted a couple of pictures of the 10th below to show you how quickly the sapling trees can cause an obstruction. I’ve also added a picture of the team enjoying the visit from the ice cream van; it was the perfect treat after a busy week!

You should head over to Old Course Hotel YouTube channel where Ayden Roberts-Jones, Head Professional here at The Duke’s launches his series of Golf Lessons. The lesson plan starts from the very beginning, going over the perfect left hand position, moving on though the steps to creating the perfect pre shot routine. It’s ideal if you are a beginner or even if you’re a well seasoned golfer who maybe needs a refresher to touch up on your skills and improve your game.

Look forward to speaking to you again soon.