Hi folks, welcome back!

After what seems to have been the longest spring I can remember we finally had some warmth in the air last week, although a little brief it has been a huge help to us. It’s nice to get the jumpers off and work on the suntan! The great weather caused a sudden growth meaning we were able to give the greens a verticut and top dress this week which has really improved the appearance and pace of the greens.

Last week we welcomed Scott Peddie from Bunkered magazine into the Green Keeping team; Scott was researching for an article that will depict a day in the life of a Green Keeper. It was a dreich morning so Scott was soaked through but it certainly didn’t put him off; he started work at 5.30am and got stuck in cutting greens and approaches, changing holes and strimming. If we’re ever a man down I know who to call! Keep an eye out for the article in the next edition of Bunkered.

If you haven’t already, take a look at our YouTube page. Ayden’s latest Golf Lesson on improving your grip pressure is really useful, it’s a great refresher for those of us who play regularly. It’s amazing how much a little tweak to the way you hold the club can really improve your swing.

Speak soon