Hi folks,

It’s been a busy month for us here at The Duke’s with many busy days and lots of happy golfers. The year seems to be disappearing quickly with the longest day of the year already behind us. Unbelievably it’s now time to bring you the June Report, a brief overview of our work over the last month.

The Duke’s played host to the BIGGA Scottish National Tournament on the 15th June which was a great fun day. I always enjoy catching up and competing with my green keeper friends! The course received a lot of compliments which is fantastic to hear from people who work on golf courses everyday.

Our Elmwood College students returned for shadowing this month, each one joined us for one day each week. It’s brilliant having them here as they just get stuck in and are so keen to learn.

The greens are now putting really well and looking good. We now spray them every two weeks with a mix of growth regulator and liquid fertiliser.

Every two weeks the team top dress the greens with sand, so far we have been really lucky with our timing as it has rained each time. This is ideal for us as it washes the sand into the surface.

The greens are now being mown at 3.5mm, we do still see some poa annua seed heads but it isn’t as obvious as before.

We have been mowing the tee twice a week at 10mm and the approaches 3-4 each week at 9mm.

The height of cut on the fairways is still 14mm. We have been spraying the fairways with a liquid fertiliser which contains iron and growth regulator. The iron gives them a good, healthy colour and the growth regulator reduces the rate of growth which in turn reduces the amount of grass clippings allowing us to present the course better. The fertlisier mix also contained a herbicide to knock back any weeds in the fairways as we see a lot of clover and daisies up here at The Duke’s.

We have our fingers crossed for dry weather as the greens, tees and approaches are all due to be verticut this month which will require some dry weather.

Ayden posted his third golf lesson on our YouTube page this morning, this week he tells us how we can improve the position of our head as we set up a shot. I have to admit this is something I often slip up on so I’ll be paying special attention to this lesson!

Speak soon