Good morning, thanks for joining me. It’s wonderful having the chance to share my thoughts on how we can all live a healthier lifestyle.

With the prime location in the Home of Golf, we at the Old Course Hotel have many guests coming to take advantage of the Kohler Waters Spa and also our stunning heathland golf course, The Duke’s, or one of the 10 links courses around St Andrews.

In golf, as in life, the same lessons apply: Golf is not a game where you will one day realise perfection and the same applies to life.  You also learn in golf that when you focus on the obstacles, whether it is the bunker in front of you or the water on your left, whatever your last thought is, is probably where you are going to hit the ball.  If you keep your head down and focus on the goal that is in front of you, concentrate on it hard, make sure it is your last thought before hitting the ball, your chances of getting it closer to the hole improve greatly.  The same philosophy applies in life.

 Whatever goal you choose to focus on, keep your eye on it, no matter how short term or long term.  Do not get distracted by the many obstacles that will come into play.  Keep your head down and focus.  Make good choices that will get you closer to your ultimate goal.  One of the most important lessons both on the golf course and off is practice, practice, practice.  You can’t expect to be good enough for the Pro Tour if you only golf on Sundays.  The same rule applies to your pursuit of goals in life.  When thinking of your goal, what do you have to do to prepare?  Goals are not achieved in an instant, but rather over time.  What you do today and how you prepare, will get you closer to your goal tomorrow. 

At the Kohler Waters Spa, our goal is to educate our guests on the value of taking care of oneself and living your best life.   I encourage you to keep your head down, focus on your goal, practice and above all – don’t give up. 

I hope that these thoughts inspire you to achieve a lifetime goal; they might even help to improve your game of golf!

With warm wishes