Good afternoon, welcome back to the Kohler Waters Spa blog.

Watching a re-run of one of my all time favourite classic, the Wizard of Oz inspired me to write my latest post…

As I am sure you can all attest to, we learn so many life lessons from our parents.  One that my parents have taught me and has stayed with me all my life is that of fear.  When we are young, we fear little things, falling off our bike, the new boy next door.  Then we grow up and those little things become bigger.  Fear of job loss, fear of rejection and the big one, fear of failure.

Fear has a way of getting a very tight grip around us, so tight at times, that we cannot even move or breathe and we freeze in time and place.  My parents taught me the opposite of fear is courage.  When confronted with fear always choose courage instead.  It is equally as strong and if chosen, can lead to much better outcomes.  It is easy to say, however — when we are actually in a certain situation and you do have a choice, fear can seem like the stronger of the two. Know you have all the power and strength inside of you to stand tall, to face any perceived obstacle with courage and grace and in doing so, will realise more about yourself than you thought imaginable.

This is where the Wizard of Oz comes in…Yes, we all have to have a brain to make decisions, a heart for our moral compass, but without courage to act, we fall short.  So think of the cowardly lion the next time you are in a fearful situation.  All he needed was courage.  All you need is courage; it will help you in your quest to live a balanced life.  It is amazing the inner strength you gain when you make the choice of courage over fear.  It can literally change your life.  What are you fearful of today?  Do you have a choice to change this fear into courage?  Yes you do.  Choose courage today and live your best self.

I do hope that these words inspire you to find the courage that you have inside. If you have any questions or thoughts on living a healthy lifestyle then please do leave a comment.

Warm regards