Hello everyone, lovely to speak to you all again.

Just for fun, the other morning as I was going through my regular, daily routine, I counted how many products I used when getting ready for my day. I began with shampoo and other soaps in the shower, followed by my make up in the vanity area and ending up with all my hair care products (you’ll notice from my picture…I have very short hair). In all, I counted 26 products used from start to finish. All you listeners must be thinking, wow….she must have been in rough shape! I want to remind you, I am in the Wellness profession with Kohler Co. so I pride myself in taking pretty good care of me. And of course, I come across all kinds of wonderful lotions and potions that I continue to add to my collection.

That day was like any other day, just doing my daily morning routine of getting ready for work. I told my husband and he was amazed. He is a shampoo and deodorant kind of guy and I must say, he looks and smells great! It made me really think about how over time, we really do complicate things. We take the very simple, such as getting ready for our day and turn it into a 26 step routine! You may think I am the exception, but for all you ladies out there, just try it one morning. Count the steps you take when getting ready, I think you’ll be surprised. I’m not advocating going through your day not looking and feeling your best. I am asking you to raise your awareness and ask yourself, is this step in my daily routine necessary. Can I simplify and still get the same results?

More than any other time, when we are on holiday, my husband remarks on how nice I look; however it is when I am on holiday that I make a point of simplifying my routine. Why not incorporate this mentality each and every day? That is my challenge to myself…and you! What part of your daily routine has taken a simple task and made it into a complex situation? If you raise your awareness, you’ll find them. Make some minor modifications and you’ll be amazed at the beautiful results!

If you do manage to successfully streamline your day then please do share it with us, we can all learn from each other. A tip to help you on your way…try the Carita Perfect Cream available at the Kohler Waters Spa, this fabulous product will moisturise while firming and smoothing, banishing all signs of aging…all in one wonderful little pot!

Warm wishes