Hello, welcome back to the Kohler Waters Spa blog.

Have you ever noticed that the only difference between “in balance” and “imbalance” is the letter “M”?  I find it interesting as we sometimes think of imbalance as something that happens suddenly.  Like a gymnast who is walking the balance beam – one small move and they tumble off the side and feel defeat.  The road to imbalance is a very subtle road – it usually doesn’t happen suddenly.  Rather, we allow things to build up over time until we feel out of whack.

At the Kohler Waters Spa, guests come to us and tell us about their aches and pains.  They are physically out of whack.  It might be their lower back, their neck is stiff or their shoulders are carrying a lot of stress.  Through massage and other body work, we bring their bodies back in balance. In fact, Kohler Waters Spa offers a wonderful water treatment – Body Balancer an avocado body masque is applied under the enveloping Vichy shower. The treatment is completed with a moisturising application and a gentle rocking to sooth, guaranteed to leave your body feeling totally renewed.

For those of you who are regular visitors to my blog will know that I’m not only concerned with your physical health but also your mental wellbeing. A fabulous water treatment is certainly a step in the right direction but making choices to regain mental balance is key to optimal health.  What choices are you making?  Are you out of whack, physically and mentally?  Make decisions to take care of both.  Get a massage.  It is not a luxury.  Health is not a luxury.  It is a necessity.  Taking care of oneself physically through regular exercise, eating right and body work, such as massage, is essential to optimal health.  Taking care of ourselves mentally through regular sleep habits, time for oneself, reading inspirational thoughts, catching up with friends for a gossip and giggle are all ways we can regain the balance in our lives.

Where are you right now, this very moment, on the balance beam of life?  Are you in balance?  Take an honest assessment and remember it is the small differences that make the largest impact.  It’s not just the “M”, it is so much more.

If you would like any advice on choosing the perfect treatment to help you rebalance your life or if you have any other questions then please do get in touch.

With warm regards