With only four days to go, the hugely anticipated London 2012 Olympics is fast approaching and you can just feel the excitement building! With over 15,000 athletes competing and an estimated eight million tickets, it is no wonder that t the eyes of the world will be on London – and the United Kingdom.

At school I loved sports and jumped at any opportunity to play sports outdoors.  I started horse riding when I was 13 and have dreamed of show jumping ever since I won my fist medal at a show jumping competition in my home town.  More aggressive actives such as the 100 meters, long jump and javelin however, were never my strong suit – I left that to the more hardcore aspiring Olympic athletes in our group.

What always amazed me however was the sheer grit and determination we had as school children – come rain (in some cases hail)  or shine we would be out there competing with that winning Olympic mentality, challenging each other, fighting to achieve our goals and always getting the job done.  As I watch the Olympic athletes in training in the news each night, I cannot help but feel so in awe of them and their amazing attitude and approach to the  Games themselves, paving their way to victory. Their desire to be successful, setting and then maintaining goals, striving for excellence and perfection. Their vision and passion and their work ethic, sheer grit, determination and self confidence that they will go the distance.

I think the same path can also apply to life.  Focusing on that one thing you want to achieve – at home or at work. Despite the many hurdles we may face in our lives, by keeping our heads down, channeling our energies, and of course with plenty of practice, we may be just be that one step closer to getting what we want.   At Kohler Waters Spa we are challenging our associates, spa members and guests to reach beyond the bounds of expectation and push themselves mentally, physically and spiritually. We have created all kinds of fun games and activities to inspire, and celebrate this extraordinary summer of sport. Chariots Of Fire and Beach Olympics are just two of our new fitness classes that we have introduced this summer which include including the 100 meters relay, long jump, shot put, hurdling, volleyball, badminton, synchronized swimming – and all on the stunning West Sands Beach with views out across the North Sea. Come rain or shine I know that our spa members and guests will embrace the challenge and will take what ever we throw at them! What will be your challenge this summer?

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